Catalyst Volume 19 Issue 3

Articles in this issue of Catalyst include:

Water Power: the Micro-Hydro Revolution

The article looks at a micro-hydroelectric power station on a river in Yorkshire.

Bioluminescence: Learning From Glow Worms

The science of bioluminescence is the main focus of this article.

What's in a Name?

The article looks at the naming system used for biological species, as devised by Linnaeus.

Working in Radiation Protection

The article explores methods of working more safely with radiation.

What is Chemistry?

This article describes the many roles of chemists at work.

Superconductors: Powering the Future, Probing the Past

The uses of superconductors is the main subject of this article.

Designs on Space: the Lifecycle of a Satellite

The article investigates designing, building and testing a spacecraft.

Radiation and Health

This article looks at some warning signs concerning safe use of radiation.

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Bioluminescence: Learning from Glow Worms

A Catalyst article describing how glow worms and other insects emit light by bioluminescence. All over the world, on land and in the sea, living things have been making light for millions of years. From the glow of the sea on a dark night due to myriads of phytoplankton, to the dance of the male fireflies trying to...

What’s in a Name?

A Catalyst article about the naming system used for biological species, devised by Linnaeus. The purpose of biological names is investigated and the article also explains how the naming system works.

This article is from Catalyst: Secondary Science Review 2009, Volume 19, Issue 3.


Working in Radiation Protection

A Catalyst article about how people can work more safely with radiation. Radiation protection is a specialised area of health and safety. It deals with the protection of workers, patients, the general public, organisations and the environment. It is concerned with the use of two types of radiation:


What Is Chemistry?

A Catalyst article about the many roles of chemists at work. The links with biology, physics and geology are examined as are many other subjects. The article looks at some of the areas in which chemists work and it explores what makes it distinctive from other sciences.

This article is from Catalyst:...