Catalyst Volume 21 Issue 1

This issue of Catalyst includes the following articles:

Ocean Iron Fertilisation 

This article investigates whether adding iron to the oceans could reduce global warming.

Solar Surface 

The article looks at sunspots and what they can reveal about the nature and activity of the Sun.

Biofuels from Waste

The use of bacteria to convert waste biological materials to useful fuels is the main subject of this article.

Antibiotics on a Plate

Bacterial colonies produce antibiotics; this article explores how the growth of bacterial colonies depends on the medium they grow on.

Exercise: Working It to the Bone 

An investigation into how regular exercise improves cardiovascular and respiratory health, as well as general well-being. But what effects does exercise have on bones, and why is this so important?

On Screen: Physics and Computer Games 

This article describes how computer games make increasingly sophisticated use of the laws of physics to produce convincing on-screen effects.

Make Your Own Elastic Band 

The article shows how to make an elastic band starting from Copydex, a source of rubber latex.

The Many Faces of Biology 

The great variety of biology-related courses in universities is the main focus of this article.

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Ocean Iron Fertilisation

This Catalyst article looks at OIF (Ocean Iron Fertilization) a process of pouring iron into the oceans. The theory behind it is to slow climate change by using a process that already occurs naturally. Nature has a way to draw carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air down into the ocean. If the process could be speeded up...

Solar Surface

This Catalyst article is about the surface of the Sun. The article looks at a sunspot as seen by the Japanese Hinode solar observatory. Sunspots enable research about the nature and activity of the Sun. They are regions of strong magnetic activity and the article reports on the history of research into sunspots....

Biofuels from Waste

This Catalyst article examines the differences between fossil fuels and biofuels. At present, fossil fuels are used to provide most of our global energy requirements. Fossil fuels are a finite resource as they take millions of years to form and the remaining supplies are being used at a greater rate than can be...

Antibiotics on a Plate

This Catalyst article describes how bacterial colonies produce antibiotics and explains how their growth depends on the medium they grow on. Over sixty years ago, a Russian soil scientist called Selman Waksman discovered that soil bacteria belonging to the Streptomyces genus produce some very useful...