This project allows students to think positively and creatively about different visions of the future. The activities are designed to celebrate human ingenuity rather than apportion blame or induce guilt. Specifically students are challenged to rethink a sustainable future based on the principles of closed loop systems in nature.

These are:

  • Waste as food
  • Powered by sunshine

Resilience through diversity Students explore problems through skills-based science, mathematics and design & technology activities leading to open-ended group project work.

The 28 hours of teaching time are made up of:

  • 3-hour introductory pod
  • Three 5-hour learning skills development pods
  • Two 5-hour student project pods.

This collection includes the power points that drive the learning in the pods. The full set of resources including video clips, animations, teachers' notes, students' sheets and CPD modules can be downloaded free at the Nuffield Foundation website.


Pod 1: Introduction

In this Nuffield ...

Pod 2: Waste

In this Nuffield Foundation resource students investigate whether recycling alone can mitigate the wastefulness of current industrial processes. They categorize waste into two main categories - natural materials which can be recycled through natural systems, and...

Pod 3: Cars

In this Nuffield Foundation resource, students explore our relationship with cars and other forms of transport. They start by investigating some of the health and social problems associated with increasing car ownership. They move on to consider how innovative technologies could support more healthy and...

Pod 4: Climate Change

In this Nuffield Foundation resource students begin by reviewing their understanding of the carbon cycle. They investigate the link between human activity and increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and speculate on whether this is causing global...


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