Words, Symbols and Pictures

This set of ideas, resources and materials help students develop a greater understanding of the language used in science. Reinforcing keywords helps students to become more familiar with scientific vocabulary, enabling them to progress with more confidence. The approaches here could easily be used in other areas of the curriculum. The resources are:

  • Rainforest and Symbols: An interactive information resource on the subject of the rainforest. Each page of information has been produced in standard text and symbol supported text versions.
  • Equipment Flashcards: Photographs, line diagrams and the names for the main pieces of science equipment in a science laboratory. 
  • Odd One Out: A PowerPoint quiz where the students have to chose the odd one out for each question. Example quizzes on states of Matter and physical properties are included and the blank template can be easily used to create your own quizzes.
  • Word Banks and Keywords: A selection of word banks including all the new vocabulary that is introduced in science.
  • Speed Pairs: a quick game, for up to four pupils, to recap and reinforce their knowledge of some aspects of physical processes.
  • Life is Loopy: Question loops are a quick and effective game for revising and recapping subject knowledge.
  • Bingo Games: two examples for reinforcing and revising science knowledge, including 50 individual bingo cards to use in class.



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Speed Pairs

This quick game is provided by ASE and it aims to recap and reinforce students' knowledge of some aspects of physical processes. The resource comprises of cards and instructions for playing the game. Students compete to collect the beginning and end of statements or questions. Areas covered are electricity, forces...

Life Is Loopy

This ASE resource is a quick and effective game for revising and recapping subject knowledge. This resource consists of several question and answer activities useful for recapping and reinforcing key vocabulary. The life processes example recaps some of the principles that would have been covered in primary...

Bingo Games

These Bingo activities from ASE are a great way to recap and reinforce vocabulary and meanings within a topic. The two examples here provide teachers' notes and 50 individual bingo cards which can be laminated and reused. They are on the topics of cells and the body, and element symbols. The idea can be applied to...