From the Institute of Physics, these resources are split into topics and each topic is subdivided into a number of episodes. An episode represents a coherent section of teaching – perhaps one or two lessons. The topics covered are:

* Gravitational fields
* Electrical fields
* Coulomb's law
* Electromagnetism
* Electric motors
* Generators
* Transformers



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Episode 400: Preparation for Gravitational Fields Topic *suitable for home teaching*

This series of sessions, produced by the Institute of Physics, develops the idea that Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation is precisely that; universal. Every single object with a mass in the universe gravitationally attracts every other object with mass. By following the learning episodes in this topic, students...

Episode 402: Fields, Field Lines and Field Strength

This learning episode, from the Institute of Physics, introduces the notion of a field of force and how it can be diagrammatically represented using field lines. The actual strength of the field at a point in space is defined by the field strength. The activities include: • discussing fields and field lines •...

Episode 403: Orbital Motion

Through discussion and worked examples, this learning episode from the Institute of Physics, enables students to combine concepts of circular motion with Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation to understand the motion of satellites. It includes an explanation of Kepler’s third law.

The activities look at:...

Episode 404: Gravitational Potential Energy

From the Institute of Physics, this resource uses discussion, worked examples and modelling to help students appreciate the energy changes that take place as a body moves in a gravitational field. The learning episode is quite extended and gives a good grounding in these ideas.

The activities look at:...


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