Solar System and the Planets

This collection contains resources relating to the Solar System and Planets. There are a range of activities, images, video and information from sources such as the European Space Agency and NASA. There are a range of materials which can be used with primary or secondary students.


Solar System: Images of Individual Planets

From NASA, these high resolution images show separately the planets of our solar system. Images in this resource include: Sun, Earth, Moon, Mars, Venus, Neptune, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and the dwarf planet Pluto.

Solar System Scale Model

From NASA, this activity helps students see the relative distances from the sun of the planets in our solar system. Astronomers refer to the distance from the sun to the Earth as one 'astronomical unit' or AU. This activity demonstrates an easy way to calculate the distances of the other planets from the sun and...

Science of the Earth Unit 10: Astrogeology and the Clues on the Moon

Produced by the Earth Science Teachers' Association, these resources look at the geology of the moon and how processes such as impacts have shaped its landscape.

Big Bang Theory *suitable for home teaching*

Produced by Twig, this animated video is an engaging and accessible introduction to the Big Bang and subsequent formation of the Universe. It describes how, 13.7 billion years ago, the Big Bang produced an expanding Universe. Early on in its expansion, elements of hydrogen and helium were formed as the early...


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