A cluster of practical activities for students to explore biotechnology involving viability of yeast, fruit juice production, milk products, fungal inhibition and microbial growth curves.



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Testing the Viability of Yeast

Several different treatments are used to autolyse yeast cells. The viability of the autolysed yeast is then tested by: plating out on agar; testing for dehydrogenase activity; microscopic examination with methylene blue.


Fruit Juice Production

Fruit juice companies use a variety of different treatments and enzymes to maximise their yield. In this experiment students will investigate the effectiveness of these different enzymes.

The enzymes used are designed...

Converting Milk Products Using Lactase

The enzyme lactase is widely used in the dairy industry to convert the naturally occurring disaccharide sugar lactose into glucose and galactose. In this practical students investigate the treatment of milk with lactase. Following treatment they test the glucose content of the converted milk, and compare products...

Upgrading Whey

Whey is a waste product from the cheese industry. In this experiment students upgrade whey, by converting the lactose into glucose and galactose, or by growing the microorganism K.lactis on agar containing whey.



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