Girls in Physics

Girls are under-represented in physics post-16. In 2006 the Institute of Physics published the results of a review that sought to identify causes of this serious issue.

Following publication of the research findings, the Institute produced a teachers' guide and two video films that explored ways in which schools could encourage girls to study physics post-16.



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Girls in Physics: Research Evidence

Several research reports exploring causes of girls' under-representation in physics, and suggesting possible approaches to tackling this issue.

'Girls in the Physics Classroom: Review of Research on Girls'...

Girls in Physics: Teacher Resources

Several publications for teachers that draw from the findings of research into strategies to increase girls' participation in physics post-16.

'Girls in the Physics Classroom: A Teachers' Guide for Action'

This guide was produced as a result of the Institute of Physics' 2006 research review into girls...

Girls in Physics: Videos

Two videos to illustrate the messages of the Girls in Physics review and teachers' guide.

'Saving Nellie'

A scripted drama showing two teachers struggling to change their teaching to 'save' their student Nellie's interest in physics.

'Key Stage 3/4 Science: Girls in Physics'