DNA replication

A collection of resources about DNA replication.  These resources are part of the post 16 genetics and genomics collection.



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Chromosomes in metaphase

An image representing human chromosomes in metaphase. Atomic Force Microscope image of ...

Semi-conservative replication images

A collection of images representing semi conservative DNA replication:

Illustration depicting semi-conservative DNA replication 1. Three generations of DNA are shown. After separation of the DNA double helix, two new complementary DNA strands are synthesised (indicated by a new colour)....

Zoom in on your genome

This video shows the various levels of DNA packaging and the four basic building blocks of DNA. it allows you to take a journey into the body to see where the genome is found and how DNA is packaged in the nucleus of the cell. The journey starts outside the body and takes you into the liver and a liver cell. You...

DNA replication theory

Diagramatic representation of the replication of DNA. This is the process by which the cell makes a copy of its existing DNA before it divides. This therefore ensures that each new cell receives a full complement of DNA. The DNA polymerase enzyme can only add new bases in the 5'-3' direction. This leads to...

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