Space for all launches

This week sees the launch of the 8th Space for All funding scheme. This scheme is aimed at space education and engagement projects that increase awareness of the UK’s space programme and the role that space plays in everyday life.
It is a competitive scheme offering grants up to £10K.

A key goal in the current UK space strategy is to increase awareness among the general public of the UK’s space programme and of the role that space plays in everyday life. We also believe that space has an important role to play in inspiring and educating the next generation.
This competitive scheme offers small grants to groups ready to present the UK’s space programme and stimulate the use of space in inspiration and learning.

Projects may be targeted at specific audiences and may include:
  • delivery of curriculum enrichment activities
  • delivery of activities to promote careers in the space sector
  • delivery of activities to engage the public
  • preparation of plans for long term projects
We anticipate the following schedule:
  • deadline for proposals to be received – no later than 9am on Wednesday 9 November 2016
  • decisions communicated to proposers – week commencing 12 December 2016
  • projects to be completed - 28 February 2018

Space for All: application form 

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