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The STEM Directory is a database of providers offering STEM enhancement and enrichment to schools and colleges locally and nationally.  Teachers can easily search for shows, workshops, debates, challenges, visiting speakers and more.

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Space Camp led by an Astronaut

Welcome to Space Camp, where the cosmos becomes your playground!When? 8th - 12th April 2024 | Where? Oxford City Hall | Who? 7-11 yrs Get ready to dive into the amazing world of space exploration with a real astronaut and experience the cutting-edge human space program like never before!So strap on your...

Mission Discovery STEM Course | Feb Half-Term 2024, Oxford

Unleash Your Potential at Mission Discovery OxfordWhen? 12th - 16th Feb 2024| Where? Magdalen College School, Oxford | Who? 14-18 yrs Our team of Rockstar instructors, including NASA astronauts, space scientists, and University of Oxford professors, will inspire and guide you throughout...

How to train a computer: Artificial Intelligence for KS2 and KS3

OverviewIn this fun and hands-on 90-minute workshop, pupils learn how computers are taught to identify objects and why they don't always get the answer correct.Bespoke software lets children create their own Machine Learning (ML) systems – a common type of Artificial Intelligence - and then compete in...

Mission Discovery Space Summer School | July 2024, London

Unleash Your Potential at Mission Discovery LondonWhen? 8th - 12th July, 2024| Where? King's College London | Who for? 14-18 yrs Our team of Rockstar instructors, including NASA astronauts, space scientists, and King's College London professors, will inspire and guide...

Schools on Reserves at RSPB Old Moor

Take your pupils learning outside of the classroom with an unforgettable visit to RSPB Old Moor nature reserve to discover and investigate the natural world. Our wetland nature reserve is an oasis for wildlife in a post mining urban landscape.Your pupils will become young scientists for the day and will be encouraged...

LEGO Robotics Kit Rental

BJPCE Limited offer a kit rental service for the following popular LEGO Robotics kits:Kit£/week£/half-term£/termLEGO Mindstorms (9797)£15£60£100LEGO WeDo (9580)£8£30£50The LEGO Mindstorms kit is suitable for ages 9-14 and can be programmed with the current...

Fun Maths workshops for Primary Schools

Brainwave Education offers fun and interactive maths workshops for primary schools across the UK. Within our workshops we use carefully designed balls and rods, which allow children to create large 2D and 3D shapes from a basic cube to octahedrons and even an icosahedron (20 sided polyhedron). Using this...

The Cloud Factory

A super-sensory hands-on workshop for primary and SEN schools with an award winning science presenter. Have you ever touched a cloud? Have you ever smelled or tasted a strawberry cloud?!Using some special equipment, we make and explore dry ice clouds using all our senses. See the cloud, touch its softness, hear...


A day of hands-on rocket workshops which can be adapted for the whole school, including SEN schools. Everyone can launch their own rocket!Pupils will build and test a stomp rocket then modify it to optimise it's flight. They learn about the effects of some forces (especially drag and gravity!) first-hand. We...

Amazing Air!

You can't see, hear, smell, taste or touch the air, so how do we know it's really there?!In this multi-sensory, participatory show, we'll be doing some experiments to change the air and prove that it really is there!The show is best performed separately for EYFS, KS1 and KS2 - that way everyone get...


Grants for school

The Royal Institution runs two enrichment and enhancement grant schemes. Grants of up to £500 are available to UK-registered state schools to host a STEM activity selected from the STEM Directories.

There are a number of other organisations that offer grants to schools.

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The STEM Directory contains searchable activities that enhance STEM teaching in schools and colleges. Teachers can search for shows, workshops, debates, challenges, visiting speakers and more.

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