Water rocket workshop

BJPCE Limited

A great indoor/outdoor activity in which pupils work in groups of 2-3 to build their own water rocket from mostly scrap materials and then launch them up to 150m in the school field.

Typical timetable:

  • Short talk on the science of rockets including demonstrations with balloons, foam rockets and darts
  • Pupils build their own rocket
  • Fair testing to work out the optimum air/water ratio
  • Final assembly of rockets including mission patches
  • Launching up to 150m in the school field
  • Opportunity to measure time, distance and record results
  • Short careers link using "faces of Nasa"
  • Introduce the NPL water rocket challenge videos and resources

Expected outcomes

Science subject knowledge:

  • forces and motion
  • aerodynamics: drag, centre of gravity

Enquiry skills:

  • Fair testing
  • Predicting and measuring


  • Collecting data
  • Presenting results

Other skills:

  • Teamwork
  • Co-operation
  • Following instructions
  • Problem solving
To book this activity, please contact:
Brian Egles
07785 527324

United Kingdom

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How to take part/get started

Book a full-day workshop and make sure the school field is available all afternoon.

Start collecting the "scrap materials" you will need:

  • 2 litre carbonated drinks bottles (2 per rocket)
  • Cardboard such as cereal packets

Order the supplies you will need if they aren't already in stock:

  • Sellotape (ideally one roll per table and, even better, in a cutter/dispenser)
  • One nice sheet of A4 card per rocket for the nose cone
  • Plasticene (50g per rocket) can be reused

Check equipment is available:

  • Scissors
  • Pencils, rulers
  • Scales for weighing 50g
  • Measuring jugs 500ml or 1 litre
  • Stopwatch, trundle wheel if you want to measure time & distance during launching
  • Clipboards or other way of recording data
  • Safety glasses for launching (only really need 4-5 pairs if sharing across groups is OK)


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