LEGO Robotics Activity Day

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A LEGO Robotics activity in your school using programmable LEGO. Can be based around a particular theme and can be tailored to computing/science/maths as required.

A brief description of how the workshop would be run:

  • Up to 18 robot kits for the pupils to use (in pairs), plus challenge “arena” for testing.

  • Build a basic robot and program it to do some simple tasks.

  • Modify the robot to their own design for the challenge(s) – graded easy/medium/hard for differentiation.

What age groups?:

  • Works best for ages 10-14 but anything between 8 and 18 is fine.

Maximum number of children you can cater for:

  • An ideal team size is 2-3 pupils with up to 15 teams so 45 pupils per session or 135 pupils in a day
  • Usually 2 sessions of 2-3 hours although sometimes a third session depending on the school’s timetable.
  • Shorter sessions are possible as are half days and/or after-school sessions.
Expected outcomes

The skills pupils will be using are:

  • Follow instructions to build Lego robot (one between 2)
  • Simple navigation/programming/debugging (move, turn, speed, stop)
  • Estimating and measuring
  • Simple sensor use
  • Challenge set to extend older/more able

This lines up very well with many requirements of the primary KS1 and KS2 computing curriculum (published 2014/15) and KS3 computing curriculum (published 2013).

There are more general skills in use:

  • Teamwork (in pairs/threes)
  • Problem solving
  • Perseverance

There are also lots of opportunities for scientific discussion around the themes of the challenge sets – for example Mars exploration, the Human Body, Natural Disasters, Food and Farming, Recycling.

If you are also considering the Kit Rental Service with free classroom video lessons , this activity day is an ideal kick-start. 

If you are looking for something for younger pupils (age 6-9) then try:

To book this activity, please contact:
Brian Egles

KT22 9TW
United Kingdom

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How to take part/get started

It is easier if the school provides the computers/laptops (I provide the software) but I can arrange laptops if necessary.


Challenge Kits on staging works well. Table tennis tables also ideal.


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