Evolution of the Whale

Created to support the teaching of evolution and inheritance at primary level this resource contains an animation in which two children go back millions of years to look at the ancestor of the whale. The children observe and discuss the changes that happened as this animal evolved over many generations. A second animation looks at the how the skeleton of the animal changes over the same time period. Complementing the animation is a colourful comic strip, which may be used to focus in on some of the specific changes such as from nostril to blowhole and the evolution of the forelimb from leg to flipper. A timeline game allows for further discussion as children are asked to put the animals into an evolutionary sequence. This resource provided by Green TV with support from the Wellcome Trust includes Teachers notes on running the activities and a guide to evolution for teachers.

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This is an excellent set of resources which I am going to use with my Year 6 class as we are looking at evolution and inheritance, and they were intrigued by the notion that whales were once land based creatures.


Thank you very much for sharing!