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Heart Beaters (Ages 9-11)

Aimed at Key Stage Two, this resource looks at the function of the heart, how exercise affects heart rate, and the rate of recovery after exercise. Linked to PE and the topic animals including humans, it also aims to develop enquiry skills. Lessons are introduced by the character Fizzy, who sets children a series of questions to investigate. Detailed lesson plans include presentations, activities, games, homework ideas and a reward card.

The lessons are:
A change of heart - Investigate how and why bodies change with exercise. Develop a greater awareness of hearts and how they work. Collect evidence by making observations and measurements.

Your heart’s content - Investigate and analyse how the body recovers after exercise. Collect evidence by making observations and measurements.

Learn by heart - Analyse and interpret data about heart rate. Use understanding of the effect of exercise and rest on pulse rate to solve problems.

Produced by the Wellcome Trust, In The Zone was a major UK initiative inspired by the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. It was awarded the London 2012 Inspire Mark and was part of Get Set +, the official London 2012 education programme

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