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Selenia and the Crazy Football Game

Learn about the cooling down of liquids and thermal insulators in this colourful comic aimed at students in Key Stage Two. Written to promote enquiry skills in a context, it focuses on making predictions before carrying out an investigation on how quickly a hot liquid cools down.

In this episode, Selenia changes the properties of various materials to help a team in an unfair football match. She plays a trick on the manager by cooling his coffee down and wants to find a way of doing this without using magic so that she can trick her mum.

Teachers' notes provide a link from the comic to the investigation and include an explanation of insulation and the different methods of losing heat which are; conduction, convection, radiation and evaporation. They also provide curriculum links, extension opportunities, equipment list, planning sheet and printable flash cards showing predictions for cooling.

The comic, produced by the University of the West of England is part of a collection of science comics which aim to engage children with science and reading.

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