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Bridging Units in Mathematics

This resource from Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency is designed to help schools and local education authorities provide curricular continuity in mathematics between Year Six and Year Seven. They help to develop a shared understanding of standards, as well as providing suitable experiences for students at the end of Year Six and the start of Year Seven. Each lesson outline contains suggestions for: oral and mental starters, introduction to the main work of the lesson, student activities and plenary sessions.

Bridging units: algebra - contains materials introducing the use of symbols in algebra. In particular, it explores the representation of variables by letters. The unit makes use of the idea of 'function machines', which provide a powerful image or model for future work on understanding functions and expressing generalisations.

Bridging units: linking fractions decimals and percentages - contains materials that concentrate on the relationships between fractions, decimals and percentages and includes teacher-led activities looking at equivalences and the calculation of quantities.

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