QCA, QCDA and Ofqual: Mathematics: Support Materials

This collection contains a wide range of support materials from the QCA. This includes the Early Years Foundation Stage handbook, support for using P scales, a review of teacher assessment, support materials for those doing the linked pair of GCSEs and Engaging Mathematics for all learners.



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Review of teacher assessment: evidence of what works best and issues for development

Written by Oxford University Centre for Educational Assessment, this March 2009 review of teacher assessment was commissioned by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA). The review looked at teacher assessment in practice in a number of countries to see what works best and to consider the implications for...

Engaging Mathematics for All Learners

Engaging Mathematics for All Learners, produced by the Department for Education, draws together the experience of teachers and their learners in a series of case studies. The rich variety of content, from using recreational activities as a starting point for classroom mathematics in a residential special school to...

Mathematics Support Materials - Key Stage One Exemplification Materials

This series of six leaflets from QCA (Qualifications and Curriculum Authority) were produced to exemplify children’s performance in mathematics at levels 2A and 3. They illustrate how judgements of attainment could be made by taking into account strengths and weaknesses...

Building a Picture of What Children Can Do

This resource from the National Assessment Agency (NAA) came into being as a result of the changes in the statutory assessment of children at the end of Key Stage One in 2005. A key aim of the changes to the assessment arrangements was to emphasise the importance of...