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Shape Activity in the Classroom - Books 1 to 7

These Eigen publications booklets focus on the construction of three-dimensional shapes and dissection problems involving two-dimensional shapes.

* The tetrahedron covers a variety of ways of constructing tetrahedrons.

* The octahedron demonstrates a variety of ways of constructing an octahedron.

* Limping seagulls shows an origami construction that can be used as a basic building block to make mathematical solids.

* Cube dissections contains 17 simple nets which can be combined in various ways to make a cube.

* The rectangle provides activities based on dissection of a rectangle to help explore its properties.

* Tangram activities uses the standard ancient Chinese 7-piece tangram to help establish geometrical ideas mainly related to angle.

* Three-piece dissections includes a range of three-piece dissections of simple mathematical shapes which are deceptively challenging.

The booklets are largely independent of each other.

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