Eigen Maths

This large collection of mathematics resources was produced by Eigen Publications during the period 1983 – 1987. It was almost exclusively written by Dave Kirkby and Des Wilson who set up Eigen Publications.

The material in the collection consists of a large number of A5 booklets (nominally 12 to 16 pages) intended for teachers, two very original teaching aids (the Eigen Square and Face Cards) with supporting material and challenge cards for student use.

The material includes games, investigations, problem solving activities, challenges and many activities which involve students in active learning - often using simple equipment.
The collection consists of the following series of resources:

Early Years
Eigen Squares
Investigation Booklets
Maths Games
Maths in Sport
Number Activities in the Classroom
Shape Activity Booklets

The Early Years material is aimed at Key Stage One and the remaining material for Key Stage Two and Key Stage Three, with the main emphasis on Key Stage Two. However, some of this latter material could be used with slightly younger students.

Most of the booklets give a wealth of ideas, some of which were later found in similar form in Primary Strategy material – for example the use of arrow cards which is the focus of four of the booklets in Number Activities in the Classroom.

The booklets are emphatically intended to provide ideas for teachers; they provide material which can very quickly be turned into interactive classroom activities.

This collection of resources was published mainly between 1983 and 1987. The mathematical content is still very relevant; some of the teaching approaches were adopted by National Strategy materials.



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Shape Activity in the Classroom - Books 8 to 14

These Eigen publications booklets contain interesting problems based on drawing polygons on seven and nine pin grids, a range of problems using pentominoes and further dissection and tangram puzzles.

* ...

Shape Activity in the Classroom - Books 1 to 7

These Eigen publications booklets focus on the construction of three-dimensional shapes and dissection problems involving two-dimensional shapes.

* ...

Maths Activity in the Early Years - Topic Booklets

This Eigen publications material is designed to support the teaching of early mathematics concepts. The booklets are independent of each other each with a specific focus.

* ...

Maths Activity in the Early Years - Material Related to Flapjacks

This Eigen publications material is designed to support the teaching of early number concepts. The booklets are entirely dependent on the flapjacks which need to be made for both teacher and student use. The flapjack is a robust, simple and effective resource which students enjoy using. The booklets are entirely...