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Maths Games in the Classroom - Books 1 to 11

These Eigen publications booklets contain a large number of games which almost exclusively focus on developing understanding of number and practicing number skills. Many of the games are 'box games' which involve students putting individual one or two digit numbers into ‘boxes’ to achieve some objective. * Place value games contains box games involving ordering of 2 and 3-digit whole numbers * Hat games encourages mental addition and subtraction and develop place value. * Multiplication card games using number cards to consolidate multiplication facts. * Multiple games using simple apparatus provides practice on specific multiples. * Factor games encourages students to think which numbers are factors of grid column and row headings. * Multiplication dice games practice mental single digit multiplication and keeping a running total. * Grid games are ‘box type games’ which provide practice on factors, multiples, additions, products etc. * Addition gamesprovides practice in the addition of single and two-digit numbers. * More addition games provides further ideas for the addition of single and two-digit numbers * Co-ordinate games gives practice in plotting and reading co-ordinates on a six by six grid. *Division games provides practice in division by single-digit numbers and finding remainders. The booklets are largely independent of each other.  

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