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Assessment for Learning in Science - Teacher Self-study Units

National Strategies teacher self-study units were devised to help science teachers develop an understanding of the key elements of Assessment for Learning and how it might affect their practice.

The intention was for Unit 1 to be a 'core' unit, taken before any or all of the remaining three. The four units are structured in the same way, in each case providing a grid for teachers to self-assess their own practice against levelled criteria (referred to as focusing, developing, establishing and enhancing), and then providing guidance and ideas to move up through the different levels. Additional materials are provided in each case and reference is made to How Science Works processes and Assessing Pupils’ Progress.

*Unit 1 Lesson scaffolding - structuring learning to develop Quality First teaching in science
*Unit 2a: Developing oral feedback in science
*Unit 2b: Developing written feedback in science
*Unit 3: Developing peer and self-assessment in science

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