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Knowledge and Understanding of Science: Genetics and Ecology

The Knowledge and understanding of science guide: genetics and ecology was published in 1994 by School Curriculum and Assessment Authority (the body which took over the responsibilities for the curriculum from National Curriculum Council). It provides background scientific knowledge and understanding for teachers. It is not intended or suitable for direct use with pupils. The guide is designed in sections to be worked through sequentially. Each section includes tasks which require the reader to consider a situation or carry out a practical activity, and contains discussions of these tasks. At various points there are summaries, or information to show how present understanding was reached, to reinforce and extend important concepts, and to illustrate how the concepts relate to everyday life. At the end of sections 3, 6 and 9, there are self-assessment activities. Some of the tasks require the recall of knowledge developed in the text, while others encourage extending understanding through application. The accompanying explanations refer the reader back to appropriate sections of the text if difficulties are encountered.


Section 1: The diversity of life
Section 2: Classification
Section 3: Biological classification Self-assessment:Part 1
Section 4: Cells the units of life
Section 5: Reproduction of the individual
Section 6: The determination of characteristics by genes Self-assessment:Part 2
Section 7: Natural selection
Section 8: Evolution
Section 9: Interaction between organisms and their environment Self-assessment: Part 3 Glossary

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