Using Catalyst Magazine: Scientists and How They Work

This booklet, developed by the Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme (SEP), aims to provide ideas for how Catalyst magazine can be used with students in the classroom. Each issue of the magazine is full of articles about science, including science-related careers, and how science is used in the world around us. Many of the articles are written by practising scientists who describe their current work and how they go about it. The booklet uses six exemplar articles, showing how students can engage with these to learn about how scientists work. It also suggests how similar activities can be developed based on other articles from the Catalyst archive.

All of the articles in the Catalyst archive are available online in the resource collection.

The areas of science covered by the activities are:
* Developing and testing a question
* Testing an idea
* Gathering and interpreting data
* Using scientific theories and models
* Science’s impact on the wider world
* Working as a scientist.

This publication is also available in hard copy format:
* SEP publications and resources from Mindsets

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