Go with the Flow CD-ROM

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This multimedia package was developed by the Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme to help students understand the interesting and unusual properties of a range of fluids, semi-solids and solids. Published originally as a CD-ROM, the materials contain a collection of videos, animations and worksheets that are available as editable files so that they can be adapted to different groups of students. Most of the resources are aimed at students in the lower secondary school, but some are intended for older students, including post-16 work. The practical activities described include investigations of viscosity, floating and sinking and making do-it-yourself ‘silly putty’.

The animations and video clips include the following topics:
* Floating and sinking
* Measuring the viscosity of Newtonian fluids
* Distinguishing between Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids

To view the package, the files need to be downloaded and installed on an individual computer. The package can then be used as a complete stand-alone resource, or individual animations and video clips can be extracted and used independently.

This multimedia package is accompanied by a booklet which is also available in the resource collection:
* Go with the Flow: Investigating Bouncy Fluids and Other Strange Materials

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