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Produce a Quiz Show

In this Shell Centre modlue, Produce a Quiz Show, students devise, schedule, run and evaluate their own classroom quizzes.

This involves preparing, timing and testing questions using number and statistical concepts, planning room layouts, and scoring systems. Groups of students take it in turns to act out a number of quizzes, devised by someone else, and comment on faults and shortcomings in the organisation, rules, questions, scoring systems and presentation.

Students share ideas for their own quiz, reach agreement on which to develop, and draw up a plan of action. Each group prepares, tests and organises its questions, scoring systems, rules and final running order. Groups also decide how the furniture and equipment will be arranged during the presentation of the show.

Groups take it in turns to present their quizzes to the rest of the class. Afterwards, each quiz is evaluated first by other members of the class, and then by the group who produced it. A further opportunity may be given for a group to enact their quiz with different groups of contestants - perhaps a different class.

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