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This resource, provided by the Association for Science Education (ASE) and part of the SYCD Who am I? collection, uses a familiar card game format to illustrate cell, tissue and organ associations. It also highlights all the adaptations and functions of specialised cells required at Key Stage Three. The resource consists of 30 colour cards, including a 'Categories' card that explains the information given in each category. Students take it in turn to nominate a category that their card scores highly in. If their value beats their opponent's, they win the card. This continues for each successive card until one player has won all the cards and hence the game. In some cases a category is not applicable for a card. The player should then select an alternative category. The game tests students' knowledge acquired at Key Stage Three. Information on a range of cells, tissues and organs is given in different categories: *Function - supported by a cartoon drawing illustrating the specific role of the organism part *Size *Mass *Level - an arbitrary rating is given to level of complexity for cell, tissue, organ and organ systems *Vulnerability - an arbitrary rating is given for the affect on the organism if the part does not function properly

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