A series of STEM projects, bridging design and technology and computing, which make use of the BBC micro:bit microcontroller device.



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Home energy

Reducing energy usage in the home saves money, increases energy security and reduces the need to burn unsustainable fossil fuels. The first step in doing this is monitoring how much energy is...

BBC micro:bit Robot Buggy

This is a resource aimed at students aged 11-14. It is one of a series that support the use of the BBC micro:bit in the classroom. The pack contains several lesson plans, presentations and student handouts. The first ‘unplugged’ lesson introduces students to how programmable systems work, the second they are walked...

In these activities, learners will work in groups to share their knowledge of the use of technology in sport and to test a beep tester.


In these activities, learners will look at the requirements for a good home security system and develop their own programmable alarm system.



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