A series of STEM projects, bridging design and technology and computing, which make use of the BBC micro:bit microcontroller device.



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Flood Warning System

After learning about flooding, students consider the design problems caused by its early detection. Students are introduced to moisture sensors, and can build their own using the instructions provided or use a ready-made version. This is connected to the BBC micro:bit and used as an input device. After processing...

Heart Rate Monitor

In this challenge, students are asked to consider the impact of people suffering from heart conditions, both to the individual and to wider society. They then generate ideas for using programmable systems to improve people’s health, and to monitor themselves. A video introduces the idea of a heart rate monitor, and...

Design a prototype step counter (stepometer)

In this challenge, students are asked to evaluate an existing product – a step counter or pedometer. They then create a step counter to encourage healthier lifestyles among teenagers. It is based on a BBC micro:bit device which includes an accelerometer capable of detecting ‘shake events’. These events are then...

Create a travel information system

This activity, suitable for a cross-STEM project day or series of lessons, focuses on how information can be provided to travellers on the London Underground. Students are asked to consider user needs – what information would they need to see, and how might their requirements be communicated? A deep understanding...


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