In response to the shortage of trained engineers, the ERA Foundation launched Born to Engineer, a campaign to inspire young people to become the engineers of the future. At the heart of the campaign is a series of high quality short films, each featuring an engineer with an inspiring story. The Born to Engineer website aims to signpost users to current initiatives that help to educate teachers and parents about engineering careers and inspire more young people to choose engineering as a profession.



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Cancer and biomedical engineering

This activity asks students to consider the biology of cancer, and to use the information they research to produce a document summarising their main points. Dr Eleanor Stride is developing a treatment for cancer that encloses cancer treating drugs in bubbles that can be directed by magnetic fields to the cancer...


This lesson links aspects of states of matter to the use of bubbles to deliver drugs to cancerous tissue, and is appropriate to students aged 12- 14. Most children will be familiar with soapy bubbles consisting of gas surrounded by a film of moisture. This lesson looks at the formation of bubbles that contain...


In this lesson, students look at fluctuations in electricity sources by analysing large data sets.  A student sheet is provided, containing data downloaded from MyGridGB - Charting GB Energy .  This site provides current data on sources of electrical power...

Making stars: fusion

”When you tell people you make stars for a living, their heads turn and their mouths open.” The video features Dr Kim Cave-Ayland who is a control engineer at Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE). 

At CCFE they use a tokomak to create a plasma hot enough to...


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