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Maths Activity in the Early Years - Topic Booklets

This Eigen publications material is designed to support the teaching of early mathematics concepts. The booklets are independent of each other each with a specific focus.

* Step on it develops numbers to 20 by physical activity using numbered carpet tiles.

* Puppet maths gives ideas for the use of glove puppets in developing counting and labeling, ordering, sorting, comparison and guessing games.

* Patterns of three uses a variety of situations to develop an informal appreciation of the three times table.

* Number lines extends the work of Step on it using number tracks from 1 to 10 or 1 to 20.

* Number games provides simple number games for two children using ordering and simple number properties.

* Shapes explores the use of basic shapes to make patterns and pictures by joining and folding.

* Mirrors and patterns explores the properties of mirror images.

* Time: tockers is about making and using simple timing devices with a focus on comparison and language.

* Christmas cards provides ideas for making Christmas cards which all have a mathematical base.

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