A series of resources from Defence Dynamics in which the teaching and learning of mathematics is put into a military context. Students' activity sheets show how important mathematical concepts are used in real-life situations by the armed forces. The resources are:

Bearings- students plan routes for aircraft facing various crises, calculating distances, speeds and direction.

Constructions- students calculate potential pathways for missiles which are used for military defence and purposes of deterrence.

Graphical Interpretation- using meteorological evidence, students learn how graphical interpretation can be used to predict weather patterns.

Reasoning and Proof- students create and interpret graphs using the rescue of a submarine as the context.

Sampling, Data and Bias - students interpret and evaluate the findings of surveys into attitudes to the armed forces.

Strategies - students consider the importance of approximating and checking strategies using mental calculations and calculators;. Triginomic Ratios- using problem solving and trigonometry to help the armed forces in rescue missions.



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Sampling, Data and Bias

This resource from Defence Dynamics presents the findings of a MORI poll in varied formats. Research is carried out regularly by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) to track attitudes of the public towards the Armed Forces over time, looking at differences between different sectors of the population and areas of the...


Students are asked, in this resource from Defence Dynamics, to consider the importance of approximating and checking strategies in mental calculations and also of answers derived from a calculator. At each point they weigh up their answers against real-life results where unexpected factors have had to be taken into...

Trigonometric Ratios

Royal Navy Search and Rescue helicopters provide cover to large sections of the UK coastline, offering support to coastguard services 365 days a year.

These materials from Defence Dynamics encourage the use of problem solving skills and knowledge of trigonometry to directly assist the Royal Navy in a series...


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