Defence Dynamics

Defence Dynamics is a collection of resources from the Ministry of Defence (MOD) which offers a range of lessons that draw on exciting and interesting examples of the MOD's work. Defence Dynamics aims to deliver an exciting resource whilst improving students’ understanding of the breadth and nature of the work of the MOD and Armed Forces. The MOD case studies used in these lessons aim to help students understand difficult subjects by applying them to real-life situations. The stimulating range of film, photography and articles bring learning to life and give students a unique experience of the topic. There is considerable experience within the MOD, Armed Forces and museums of producing educational materials, and organising events and schemes to help develop students’ education and life skills. The MOD museums such as the Royal Naval Museum, National Army Museum and RAF Museums also provide a great experience.



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This series of resources from Defence Dynamics uses military contexts to teach aspects of science.

*Carbon and the Carbon Cycle- two activities look at the carbon cycle, its imbalances and how carbon, in the form of fuel, is obtained.

*Conservation - an activity which...

A series of resources from Defence Dynamics in which the teaching and learning of mathematics is put into a military context. Students' activity sheets show how important mathematical concepts are used in real-life situations by the armed forces. The resources are:

Bearings- students plan...