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Revised Nuffield Advanced Chemistry: Topics 12-18

Teachers’ Guide II and Students’ Book II of Revised Nuffield Advanced Chemistry covered the seven topics which constituted the work suggested for the second year of the course. Students were also expected to work though one Special Study.

Contents of Teachers’ Guide II
Topic 12: Equilibria: gaseous and ionic
Topic 13: Carbon compounds with acidic and basic properties
Topic 14: Reaction rates - an introduction to chemical kinetics
Topic 15: Redox equilibria and free energy
Topic 16: The Periodic Table 4: the transition elements
Topic 17: Synthesis: drugs, dyes, and polymers
Topic 18: The Periodic Table 5: the elements of Groups III, IV, V, and VI
Appendix 1: Nomenclature, units, and abbreviations
Appendix 2: Apparatus
Appendix 3: Models and other visual aids
Appendix 4: Possible alternative pathways through the course
Reference sources and bibliography
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