These cre8ate maths materials have been designed to support the teaching of mathematics at Key Stage Three, but can be used at Key Stage Two and Key Stage Four, in the context of a beauty salon.



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Cre8 Salon

This Cre8ate maths activity draws on research which has indicated that many trainees / school leavers who are employed in vocational positions struggle with the numeracy skills needed in the workplace. Cre8 salon is a series of flexible activities that are designed to simulate some of the challenges of work in the...


This Cre8ate maths activity requires students to calculate areas of polygons and to appreciate the link with volumes of prisms. It may also involve detailed exploration of similarity.


This set of Cre8ate maths activities requires students to think about place value, divisibility and remainders. It also requires logical thinking. Computer codes with check digits are widely used in the retail and banking sector. This activity focuses on one long-established code – the International Standard Book...

Supermarket Car Parks

These activities from Cre8ate maths explore the efficient use of space in car parks. These are two-dimensional ‘best fit’ problems which require logic and a systematic approach to find effective solutions. They give students the chance to devise and test out strategies using systematic trial-and-improvement...