A range materials provided by cre8ate maths to support the teaching of mathematics at Key Stage Three, but can be used at Key Stage Two and Key Stage Four, in the context of transport. The resources include More Miles For Your Money, Ordering, The Greenest Route and Working for Efficiency.



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More Miles for Your Money

Based on information and guides provided by the Department of Transport, this Cre8ate maths activity introduces the cost benefits of improving the aerodynamics of the cab section of a truck. Mathematical connections involve using calculators and spreadsheets to work on conversions and percentages in the context of...


These Cre8ate maths activities develop multi-stage logistical thinking. The Planning ahead puzzle develops process skills of problem solving: working systematically and creating, describing and experimenting with systematic strategies. Making tea is concerned with finding the best way to organise time and draws on...

The Greenest Route

This Cre8ate maths activity deals with the external costs of transport which affect society but which are not paid for by the transport users who cause them. Road, rail, air and water are compared. Mathematical connections involve working on inverse proportion, conversion calculations, compound percentage change...

Working for Efficiency

This Cre8ate maths topic looks at simplified versions of three different network problems that are encountered in practical logistical planning. Paper rounds offers the opportunity for reasoning and proof as the arguments needed to establish Euler's theorem are within their grasp. It also, along with Cable...