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GCSE design and technology resources

A hand-picked selection of resources supporting the teaching of GCSE design and technology.

3D printer

Using 3D printers creatively in KS3 and KS4 design and technology

Find out how to make better use of your 3D printer in the classroom and fix those troublesome printing issues!

Students wearing Virtual Reality headset

The Ultimate STEM Challenge

The Ultimate STEM Challenge is back again and with an added focus of Wearable Tech.

Airgineers STEM challenge

Developing skills for the Airgineers school STEM drone challenge

Airgineers is a STEM challenge that involves designing, building and learning to fly a radio-controlled drone.

Ultimate STEM Challenge

How to introduce STEM competitions into design and technology

STEM competitions are fun, help students to cement new friendships and develop their ability to problem solve real-life challenges.

VEX IQ: integrating robotics into your curriculum

Delve into this interactive activity and learn how to use VEX IQ in your STEM classes and receive your own free VEX IQ Super Kit.

Secondary Design and Technology

Specially selected for teachers and technicians of D&T; browse resources, professional development, news and opinions. Join in the discussion with our community groups.

Featured Resources

“Aerospace and aeronautical engineering covers the design and engineering of the systems, equipment and components that make up flying vehicles such as aeroplanes, helicopters, spacecraft and rockets.” Tomorrow’s Engineers: From Idea to Career

Papers and boards

A collection of resources for GCSE Design and Technology that support the teaching of material properties with different papers and boards.

Fusion 360: Create your own moving cam tutorial

This resource provides step-by-step instructions on how Fusion 360 can be used to create a cam and follower, including basic rendering and movement of the cam and follow components around an axle.

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Secondary and A level computing resources

Deepen your understanding and knowledge across the computing curriculum with our range of quality-assured resources.

The science of learning

Draw upon educational neuroscience and psychology to gain an insight into how students learn. 

STEM careers

A selection of resources, programmes and guidance to help you provide the best possible support to young people.


Resources using space as a context for teaching from ESERO-UK, the UK space education office.




Many of our professional development activities are supported by generous bursaries for state funded schools, this includes support for in-school professional development.


Get recognition for your professionalism with our STEM Educators recognition scheme.

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