Professional recognition is essential for teachers and technicians to be able to demonstrate the positive impact they have on themselves, colleagues and students. It is also critical in the development of their careers.

At STEM Learning we provide access to recognition schemes for individuals, schools and colleges.



STEM Educators

STEM Educators is a recognition scheme for teachers, technicians, and other school support staff. It is designed to highlight the impact of professional development on you, your pupils/students, as well as your colleagues and the wider school.



Science Mark

Science Mark is a new quality standard designed to recognise and celebrate good, excellent and outstanding practice in secondary science departments across the UK.

However Science Mark is more than just a recognition scheme. By working with our carefully selected assessors you will push the standards of your own department. Your assessor is an independent ‘critical friend’ who will draw on their wealth of experience in the field to help you see in greater detail the strengths and weaknesses of your science department.

The Space Education Quality Mark

The Space Education Quality Mark (SEQM) is an award given to UK schools and colleges that have shown significant use of the context of space in STEM subjects, have worked with other organisations, shared resources and used space to enrich the curriculum.