Teaching key stage 4 physics NY307

Improve subject knowledge and confidence when teaching key stage 4 to allow for effective and engaging physics lessons.


Are you:

  • having to teach key stage 4 physics for the first time?
  • wanting to feel confident in teaching physics to students of all abilities?

This course will help you get the most out of your students by giving you the ability to teach key stage 4 physics with confidence.  We will look at how to address misconceptions, use cheap and easy practical work to get across abstract ideas and develop a deeper understanding of physics.

Who is it for?

  • experienced teachers who are not scientists but are required to teach key stage 4 physics
  • scientists who are not physics specialists or with limited experience delivering key stage 4 physics
  • NQT/RQT 

What topics will be covered?

We look at topics including energy, forces and motion, waves, electricity, magnetism and electromagnetism and the particle model.

Who are the course leaders?

Adam Little: Professional Development Leader: Physics at the National STEM Learning Centre in York. My background is a Head of Science and Assistant Leader of Teaching and Learning.

This is a residential course, fees include meals and accommodation for the duration of the course.


What will you achieve?

  • develop a deeper understanding of key principles within key stage 4 physics
  • understand the misconceptions students may have and how best to tackle these to aid development
  • teach key stage 4 physics with increased confidence using a range of teaching strategies to assess students’ prior understanding
  • evaluate the impact of change in your teaching on students attitudes and outcomes


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