Developing and leading excellence in the early years foundation stage NY012

Explore the process of developing science learning in the early years setting and how this can support the development of early language and communication skills.


This highly practical course will help you identify and demonstrate good teaching and learning practices in science for pupils in Early Years. You will acquire a range of strategies to develop pupils' experiences to extend scientific enquiry.

This course will help you to focus on the processes of learning in the Early Years including ways to encourage talk and effective communication. There will also be opportunities to explore working with your local wider community.

This course may support you with the Science Leadership Benchmark 1 - Leadership and vision for science and also with Science Benchmark 3 - Effective teaching and learning in science

Who is it for?

  • Science subject leads
  • Early Years practitioners

What topics are covered?

  • starting with a story
  • assessment in the Early Years
  • growing success
  • balancing adult and pupil initiated learning
  • using the local environment
  • talk and collaboration
  • promoting science capital
  • the outdoors classroom
  • developing your continuous provision

How will you learn?

Face to face learning at the National STEM Learning Centre in York

How long is this course?

Four days across two residential periods


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • demonstrate good Early Years practice and exploit opportunities for science
  • provide opportunities for developing language and communication skills through engaging science contexts
  • provide and support quality adult input in the classroom
  • use effective approaches for assessment to inform progression
  • be able to use the local community to extend pupil’s experiences in science

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