Laboratory gases safety awareness workshop HC136


This traditional instructor-led workshop is a popular alternative to e-learning courses. The course comprehensively covers the safe use of gas cylinders and associated equipment in a university/college environment. It also covers owner/operator responsibilities in respect of piped systems.

This course is recommended for:

  • anyone using gas cylinders and/or piped gas systems in a university/college environment
  • laboratory and other managers with operational responsibilites for safety
  • managers, supervisors and staff from all functions who are responsible for the safe use of gases
  • anyone responsible for health and safety.

Theory only on-site training. This workshop is often booked with Connecting regulators and gas cylinder set-up for universities (HC134) in order to also provide practical training. If you wish to book both training workshops for delivery on the same day please contact us for a quote.

It is recommended this training is repeated every two years to remain current.


The workshop will enable you to:

  • correctly identify gas cylinders
  • recognise how gas cylinders operate
  • be aware of the hazards of asphyxia
  • recognise the hazards posed by oxygen enrichment
  • identify flammability hazards
  • select the correct gas control equipment
  • recognise the hazards of using incorrect manual handling techniques
  • re-assess current storage procedures in line with the relevant guidance note
  • introduce safe working practices into your workplace


We can set this up as a bespoke course to be run at your premises. Contact us at for more information.

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