Using and maintaining your overlocker TV207

Discover how to maximise the use of your overlocker with students.


This CPD is aimed both teachers and technicians, looking to maximise their use of an overlocker in the classroom and understand more about their maintenance and safe use.

An overlocker is a specialist piece of textiles equipment that gives a professional quality finish to textiles products, replicating shop bought products. For students, being able to use an overlocker in the classroom is a good way for them to learn about industrial practice, speeding up the manufacture of products and significantly improving the quality and appearance of classroom work.

The day will include:

  • finding out about the different types of overlockers eg 3, 4 and 5 thread
  • how to thread a machine, including tips on quick threading
  • types of stitches an overlocker can do and their uses
  • types of needles and thread used in overlockers
  • the benefits of a differential feed
  • using the overlocker with different types of fabrics
  • common problems when using an overlocker and how to solve them
  • reviewing how an overlocker can be used a classroom with tips on their effective use
  • health and safety when using an overlocker
  • cleaning of visible working components
  • maintenance of bladesminor maintenance of key working parts of the overlocker
  • developing department systems for basic maintenance, looking at common issues and faults that reduce the effectiveness of a machine
  • advice on what to look for when buying a new machine

This course is hands on, with participants producing samples to take away with them for the classroom.

Participants should note that they will not be stripping down the overlocker and carrying out a full service. If you are interested in sewing machine maintenance, please take a look at our CPD on the basic servicing and maintenance of sewing machines. 

Please note: Participants must bring an overlocker to the course. If you do not have an overlocker one overlocker will be available to book in some venues but this must be booked in advance will be on a first come first served basis.


You will be able to:

  • learn how to use an overlocker, from the basics of threading and stitching to more advanced use
  • understand how to carry out a very basic service of an overlocker, along with carrying out very basic repairs
  • review the use of overlockers in the department and identify common issues and problems
  • create a basic maintenance programme to maximize the performance and use of overlockers in the department

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