Behaviour management in science RP222

Supporting teachers new to the profession in considering ways of managing the behaviour of their students so that a positive, effective learning environment can be sustained.


During this training you will look at how you can develop your classroom style with strategies to create a positive learning environment: helping to encourage all students to engage with science and make progress in their learning.

You will discuss ways you can react to common (and uncommon) examples of misbehaviour to try to avoid unnecessary confrontation and return to learning.

Students have a unique challenge in their science lessons: they require high levels of literacy and numeracy skills but will also need to manipulate and learn from practical activities. You will see how to manage the challenging situations that may arise because of the range of potential distractions and hazards in a science laboratory.

The course pulls together information and ideas from a wide variety of sources and links to the teacher-specific recommendations from the Improving Behaviour in Schools Guidance Report (Education Endowment Foundation, 2019).


You will be able to:

  • analyse common behaviour management issues faced by science teachers
  • use proactive strategies that can reduce the chance of misbehaviour occurring
  • try reactive strategies that can support pupils to improve their behaviour



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