Placement: Northern Gas Networks (Leeds) TY850

Explore the many and varied roles in this exciting organisation and what skills are needed for each.


Location: Northern Gas Networks, 1100 Century Way, Thorpe Park, Leeds, LS15 8TU

Placements are available with Northern Gas Networks supported by a £1000 ENTHUSE bursary.

To express your interest in a placement, please complete this form and send it to:

The final part of the programme is a one-day professional development experience, held four to six months after your placement.

This opportunity is suitable for STEM teaching professionals and/or professionals with additional responsibility for careers.

Employer background:

Northern Gas Networks own and maintain more than 37,000km of gas pipes in the north east and north west, covering cities such as Newcastle, Sunderland, Leeds, York, Hull, and Bradford. To find out more about how gas is transported, take a look at this video.

A placement with Northern Gas Networks will give you experience of the industry, shadowing staff and exploring the small and large projects that are undertaken by the business.

For example:

  • engineering – what engineering skills are needed to design and maintain and improve the local gas network?
  • innovation – managing a budget that stretches into the millions, how can the business innovate to improve services and make a change in the way we use our gas services? eg. The H21 project is currently looking at how converting homes to use Hydrogen can create a ‘cleaner’ and more affordable energy future
  • environment team – how does the business consider and protect the environment
  • recruitment – what skills are needed for the future economy and how can your students prepare for a role in Northern Gas Networks?

To find out more, visit the Northern Gas Networks website.


Going on a placement at Northern Gas Networks will help you to:

  • inspire your students – see first-hand the wide range of careers available to students in the construction industry
  • build strong links with a local employer – connect with Northern Gas Networks to develop staff and student experiences, with the aim of creating a longer term partnership
  • gain ideas for future collaboration (eg work experience, mentoring, speakers) and develop your own understanding to inspire your students to consider STEM careers and further study
  • enhance your advice on careers options – gain useful information about how to support students to make careers choices within STEM

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