Data representation in key stage 3 computing with CAS Tenderfoot CY227

Enhance your computing knowledge, gain a deeper understanding of the subject and discover exciting activities to stimulate your students.


Tenderfoot is a program of subject knowledge enhancement for teachers of computing, especially those without a computer science background. It aims to provide teachers with a deep understanding across a range of computing topics, enabling them to teach more effectively and maximise the attainment of their students.

Led by CAS Master Teachers, “Bits and Bytes” builds up to a major practical activity through which the link is made between digital images and the applications used to manipulate them, such as Photoshop. The role of code in application software is brought to the fore with exercises to code graphic effects in Python.

From the basic concepts of binary number representation through to practical exercise using open-source software, the course aims to provide experienced teachers with ideas and activities with which to improve their own teaching, and to develop their less experienced colleagues.

This course includes meals and refreshments for the duration of the course.
Course fees vary for participants outside the UK. Please contact for more information


You will be able to:

  • conceptually link the many ways in which digital data is used and processed, including music, images, text and data files
  • develop your use of Python to achieve spectacular results when manipulating data
  • understand algorithms used for image compression, manipulation and rendering
  • be confident to support your colleagues and others to improve their own teaching of this fascinating subject


 The Tenderfoot project comprises of a set of teaching and training resources, enabling you to raise standards for yourself, your colleagues and, potentially, teachers elsewhere. It is great for those looking to support hub meetings; to run professional development events; or simply help their department to improve results.

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