Scratch: stretching the more able child CY011

This course will help you to improve your Scratch programming skills in order to stretch and challenge the children in your class.


Scratch is widely-used as a tool for introducing programming and computational thinking, and many children are able to create high quality animations, games and presentations.

All teachers want to stretch and challenge the children in their class, but many ask “Where next?” for the child who is stretching your capacity to do so.

This course will provide interesting ideas from across the curriculum, aimed at taking children to the next level in their creativity and learning in computing. It will make use of low-cost add-on kit that helps Scratch sense and react to the real world, as well as improving programming skills, mathematical understanding and self-expression in art, English and music.

This is a residential course, fees include meals and accommodation for the duration of the course.
Course fees vary for participants outside the UK. Please contact for more information.


From this course you will:

  • improve your own Scratch programming skills, making you more confident teaching computing
  • learn how to stretch children who are chomping at the bit to go further with computing and digital creativity
  • take away ready-to-use ideas and resources for use across the curriculum

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