Micro:bit in secondary computing CY224

Discover how to integrate the micro:bit into your secondary computing curriculum with a host of exciting projects to dive into.


The micro:bit has opened the door, to many, for hands-on computing projects with a difference. Simple-to-use and equipped with a suite of sensing and communications capabilities all programmable in a choice of languages, this low-cost device is becoming a fixture in computing classrooms across the country and beyond.

Learn how to integrate the micro:bit into the secondary curriculum, with ideas for the whole age range. From block-based programming to object oriented techniques there will be something for all, enabling you to engage the full range of abilities and interests among your students.


Following this course you will:

  • have a broad range of engaging project ideas and supporting lesson resources, with direct relevance to the computing curriculum and to wider stem
  • be knowledgeable about the capabilities of all of the programming environments provided for the micro:bit, from very simple to advanced level

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