CLEAPSS preparation room management and health and safety for senior technicians RP630

Learn how to best manage your preparation room to ensure maximum results.


This one-day discussion-based course explores and shares ideas for good preparation room management.

It is intended for senior technicians and those aspiring to become senior technicians.

Participants are encouraged to bring along pictures of their own preparation rooms to share with the group. These could include examples of good ideas eg inventive storage solutions, and areas of concern.

Management of requisitions will also be explored so examples of how this is achieved would also be helpful eg how an overview of the week is displayed and requisition forms used.


By the end of the course each technician will have examined their existing practice in the topics below, acknowledge their own good practice and, by discussing and sharing ideas, have information to improve other areas.

Topics covered include:

  • what the regulations say
  • preparation room design, layout and equipment
  • organising practicals
  • policies and procedures
  • managing time and team
  • organising resources


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