Genome editing using CRISPRCas9 in the mouse HC548 / G04

Start date
11 Nov 19
1 Day
Medical Research Council, Harwell Campus, Oxfordshire OX11 0RD View on Google Map


This course will provide a background to the advancing technology of genome editing using the CRISPR/Cas9 system in the mouse.

It will explain how the most common systems in use work and give a practical understanding of both the advantages and the limitations of using genome editing for germline transgenesis in the mouse.

This course will also provide information for developing quality control strategies that are essential for reproducible and robust research.


Key outcomes include:

  • knowledge of genome editing in the mouse and when it might be applicable
  • an understanding of quality control required when using this technology to produce GA mouse lines
  • an introduction to the planning and designing CRISPR/Cas9 experiments


Genome editing using CRISPRCas9 in the mouse11 November 2019 09:30-16:00

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