3D printer

Using 3D printers creatively in KS3 and KS4 design and technology

Find out how to make better use of your 3D printer in the classroom and fix those troublesome printing issues!

Design and technology teacher

Planning and preparing the new design and technology GCSEs

We chatted to Simon James, Head of Department at The Warriner School, about the new GCSEs.

Museum visit

Library of STEM activities for teachers gains new platform

The STEM Directory, an online directory of educational STEM activities has found a new home on our website.

Using smart and modern materials to create a future facing design and technology curriculum

Using smart and modern materials to create a future facing curriculum

Prepare your students for the modern world by making the most of smart and modern materials in your lessons.


Developing a STEM curriculum in KS3 design and technology

Bring more STEM-related content into your design and technology lessons, with help from our STEM specialists.

Technicians supporting the new design and technology GCSE

Support your department in the preparation and delivery of the new design and technology GCSE, ready for first teaching in September 2017.

Secondary Design and Technology

Specially selected for teachers and technicians of D&T; browse resources, professional development, news and opinions. Join in the discussion with our community groups.

Featured Resources

Fashion and Textiles Teaching Resources

These two activities from Future Morph link the study of textiles and materials with the science programmes of study. They show how textiles can be used in two very practical ways to reduce the danger of severe burns and in medical applications. The activities are designed for Key Stage Three students and help to...
Publication date:
2010 to date

2 resources

Robotics guides for the busy teacher

This collection of sample teacher guides is from Damien Kee, who works with teachers and students around the world to improve teaching with robots. The resources can get you up-and-running using a range of robotics platforms in the classroom, and are written in an easy-to-follow, practical style.
Publication date:
2010 to date

5 resources

Engineers Without Borders UK

This collection is produced by Engineers Without Borders UK, an international development organisation that aims to remove barriers to development through engineering. It contains resources which challenge children to discuss big issues facing the modern world and the challenges this poses for engineers trying to find...
Publication date:
2010 to date

2 resources

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Food preparation and nutrition

Find and share your resources for teaching GCSE food preparation and nutrition.


Resources using space as a context for teaching from ESERO-UK, the UK space education office.


GCSE food preparation and nutrition: teaching food scienceTY205

This is a residential course, fees include meals and accommodation for the duration of the course. Course fees vary for participants outside the UK. Please contact enquiries@stem.org.uk for more information. Find practical examples to support your delivery of the science content of the Food Preparation and Nutrition...

Getting to grips with using the Crumble Controller in key stage 3 design and technologyTY237

The Crumble Controller is a programmable board that can be quickly used to create programmable design and technology projects. The Crumble is controlled by easy to assemble blocks of code that combine to create programs downloaded straight to the Crumble device. The software used to write the code is free, downloaded...

Getting it right in key stage 3, laying good foundations for design and technology GCSETY241

This is an exciting opportunity to review your key stage 3 curriculum and to reflect on how your department can develop a programme of learning that supports progression into design and technology GCSE. Focus on the designing and making attainment target at key stage 3 which will be relevant to all material areas (...

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