3D printer

Using 3D printers creatively in KS3 and KS4 design and technology

Find out how to make better use of your 3D printer in the classroom and fix those troublesome printing issues!

STEM Ambassadors: engaging students with careers in design and technology

STEM Ambassadors offer their time and enthusiasm to help bring STEM subjects to life and demonstrate their value in life and careers.

Developing design and technology teaching for newly qualified teachers

Support for new to teaching and newly qualified design and technology teachers.

EEP Robotics Challenge: are you ready to take your students on a journey of exploration?

Tomorrow’s Engineers have invited schools across the UK to take part in the EEP Robotics challenge.


VEX IQ: integrating robotics into your curriculum

No previous programming experience required, learn how to use VEX IQ in your STEM-related classes and receive your own free VEX IQ Super Kit.

Hand washing

Can your students prevent the spread of infectious disease?

The Youth Grand Challenges are a new design competition for students aged between 11 and 19, in the UK.

Secondary Design and Technology

Specially selected for teachers and technicians of D&T; browse resources, professional development, news and opinions. Join in the discussion with our community groups.

Featured Resources

Graphics - Branding Resources

These resources have been created to support the teaching of branding at KS3 in D&T lessons.
Publication date:
16 April 2015

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JambleD&T Vinyl Amplifier SoW

This Product Design project is based on the work of London designer, Paul Cocksedge. Pupils manufacture a stretched Vinyl record, a stand, brand logo and a carry case. The project has been developed further using electronics using the stretched record as a cone surrounding a bluetooth speaker and using LED lighting...
Publication date:
30 July 2015

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Design Hexagon Resources

The Nuffield Design Hexagon for Key Stage Four covers the design strategies that students need to consider be successful at designing products that meet the needs and wants of people in real life situations. Design Hexagons have been developed for each focus area: electronic products, food technology, graphic...
Publication date:
1990 - 1999

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Food preparation and nutrition

Find and share your resources for teaching GCSE food preparation and nutrition.


Resources using space as a context for teaching from ESERO-UK, the UK space education office.


Preparing to teach the new design and technology GCSEsTY223

This two-day course will support your department to implement the new GCSE from 2017. It will give you the essential information that you need to embed change, along with ideas and strategies that will help you do this in a manageable way. The course content will include references to all material areas of the new...

A beginner's guide to e-textiles and creating programmable circuits in design and technologyTY219

Over two days, we will take you from being an absolute beginner in e-textiles to someone who has the confidence to do basic e-textiles programming in order to create more adventurous projects. As well as developing your confidence at using electronics in textiles, you will develop your knowledge of electronics theory...

Preparing to teach mathematics and science content in the new engineering GCSETY224

 This two day course is designed to support teachers to develop their subject knowledge in engineering, science and mathematics, supporting the delivery of engineering GCSE. Sessions will help the teaching of material properties (and materials testing), structural systems, pneumatic/hydraulic systems, calculating...

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Many of our professional development activities are supported by generous bursaries for state funded schools, this includes support for in-school professional development.


Get recognition for your professionalism with our STEM Educators recognition scheme.

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